Jack C McGowan, LLC


We handle civil appellate proceedings in state and federal courts. Within the last several years we have defended lower court decisions appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States and the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Asbestos Litigation

The firm’s predecessors have been local counsel in asbestos litigation over a number of years for corporate clients. Also see our toxic torts practice.

Automobile Liability

Our attorneys have prosecuted and defended automobile-related claims involving passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, including trucks. These cases have involved wrongful death claims all the way down to low impact soft tissue (LIST) claims.


We have represented numerous businesses and individuals in a diverse array of litigation and transactions, including employment claims, non-competes, shareholder and ownership disputes, winding down, trade secrets, real estate transactions and contractual matters.

Civil Rights

Our Civil Rights practice primarily involves the defense of civil rights claims in state and federal courts on behalf of governmental and corporate defendants. We have experience defending against sexual harassment, racial discrimination and sex discrimination in employment settings. We also have experience defending alleged excessive deadly force, excessive force, improper force, wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, improper search and seizure, jail conditions and sexual abuse cases with regard to law enforcement agencies and/or corrections facilities.

Construction Defect Litigation

We have represented owners, contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers in construction defect litigation. Projects have included residential construction, small renovations of historic buildings, civil engineering and geotechnical projects, and small to large institutional projects. Claims have involved various components of buildings including seismic and structural design, mechanical systems, building envelopes and security systems. We have also handled claims involving code compliance, construction delays, earth movement, egress, explosions, fires, flooding, landslides, mold and workmanship issues. Our cases have involved projects where there was an actual or potential catastrophic failure to relatively minor problems.


We routinely provide advice to clients regarding contracts. Whether you are a client in litigation or one specifically seeking advice on a contemplated contract, good advice can help avoid disputes and make smart business decisions. We understand that most clients would rather spend their money to improve their business, gain a competitive advantage or mitigate risk, rather than on attorneys in a dispute.

Declaratory Judgment

Our experience in declaratory judgment actions primarily involves matters of insurance coverage, whether on behalf of an insured or an insurer. Typically, a claim has arisen and the insured and insurer disagree about the coverage. These cases allow parties to a contract of insurance to have a court construe the policy at issue and determine whether there is coverage for a particular claim.


We defend claims of employment discrimination and/or wrongful termination for employer clients and handle certain employer/employee disputes such as those involving non-compete clauses and contracts of employment and provide counsel to corporate clients regarding employment manuals. Past experience includes claims involving alleged sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, wage claims, wrongful termination claims and separation disputes.


The firm’s predecessors represented a number of Butler County agencies and the Butler County Commissioners in selected cases through the County Risk Sharing Authority. These claims have included the defense of the Butler County Engineer’s Office, the Butler County Sheriff’s Office and employees, the Children Services Board and its employees, the Juvenile Detection Center and its employees, the Department of Job & Family Services, the Butler County Clerk of Courts, the Butler County Prosecutor’s Office and various other county interests. The firm has also represented townships. Claims defended have ranged from excessive use of force and jail conditions to employment cases and negligence claims. Litigation has included representation of county agencies before federal and state trial and appellate courts.

Insurance Defense

We maintain an insurance defense practice.  We defend contractors, homeowners, drivers, businesses, governmental entities and professionals such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, architects, engineers, nurses and their practices. We understand the reporting needs of insurers while providing a vigorous defense and personal service to insureds who may have their professional reputations on the line.

Intentional Torts

Our attorneys handle cases of intentional torts for plaintiff and defendant. These cases range from bar fights to employment intentional torts. We have handled claims involving alleged intentional motor vehicle accidents and business intentional torts.


Litigation is the primary practice of the firm. The majority of the practice areas typically are in a litigation setting whether in state or federal court. The goal of our litigation practice is to provide efficient, aggressive defense or prosecution of cases with appropriate timely reporting according to client needs.

Medical Malpractice

Jack McGowan has in excess of 15 years defending medical malpractice claims. He has taken numerous medical malpractice cases to a defense verdict at trial. Medical specialties represented have included emergency medicine, trauma surgery, pediatrics, family care and general practice, internal medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology, surgery, psychiatry, hospitalists, otolaryngology, obstetrics and gynecology, radiology and dentistry.


Much of the practice of the firm consists of defending negligence claims, whether they be against the driver of an automobile, a contractor, a physician or an attorney. Many of the other practice areas deal with theories of negligence and more information can be found under those particular practice areas.

Personal Injury

The attorneys of the firm selectively handle personal injury claims on behalf of existing clients and referrals from other attorneys. Personal injury claims in the past have included premise liability cases, automobile and trucking cases, intentional torts, wrongful death and medical malpractice.

Powers of Attorney

We have prepared general powers of attorney for private clients over the course of the last 35 years.

Product Liability

We have experience in defending asbestos claims, claims involving medical products, industrial equipment and guarding of equipment.

Professional Liability

We defend cases and claims of malpractice against doctors, dentists and attorneys. We typically do not take cases against other lawyers.

Real Estate

We have drafted deeds, mortgages, contracts for sale and ancillary documents and have represented clients at real estate closings, primarily in Butler County.


We represent merchants in the rental business and assist them in securing the return of their property from customers. We have represented clients in courts in Butler, Hamilton, Montgomery and Warren Counties on replevins. We have successfully obtained the return of vehicles, furniture and electronics. Flat fee pricing is available for certain steps in the replevin process. We handle both “normal” and “fast” replevins and are familiar with how courts in the above areas typically handle replevins.

School Law

Jack McGowan has more than 20 years experience in handling School District discipline and expulsion matters.


We handle claims of subrogation for insurers relating to automobile liability policies and property damage, including arson.

Toxic Torts

Attorneys at the firm have handled claims of toxic torts, including asbestos litigation and mold litigation. Mold claims have involved single residences and multi-unit projects on behalf of individuals against contractors and on behalf of developers in defense of claims by residents.


We prepare simple trusts for clients and can provide advice to clients looking to protect assets due to personal liability exposure. Professionals or persons with unique family issues may find it beneficial to use trusts as opposed to wills as estate planning vehicles due to the increased asset protection they provide. We can provide you advice on whether this estate planning vehicle is an appropriate choice for your situation.


We have over 40 years experience drafting simple wills, trust agreements, living wills and durable healthcare powers of attorney for private clients.


We handle the defense of claims against governmental entities related to zoning decisions.